New light signs for the Point Vert stores, a big breath of fresh air in the garden center sector

In 2020, Jean Pierre Pigeon, general manager of the Point Vert garden center stores, launched a project to modernize the three stores in Conthey (VS), Uvrier (VS) and Moudon (VD).
With the help of our graphic designer, we came up with a project that the team liked.
We worked in collaboration with the project partners, City Technics for the lighting part and X for the design of the facades.

In Conthey, we supplied a luminous sign entirely in acrylic glass and LED lighting for the main façade.

The sign is illuminated on the front face and on the side faces for a 3D effect day and night.

The sign was installed in individual letters, without visible support.

lumineux lettres front and side light P8 point vert 3

In Uvrier, three triangular-shaped glass pediments were covered with a thermo-lacquered aluminum box supporting the 3D logo, also all in acrylic glass and illuminated with LEDs and giving better visibility to the brand.

In Moudon, we made a lighted gate for the main entrance, a double-sided lighted sign was installed on the roof, powder-coated plates were installed at the top of the front and rear facades recalling the different trades, a non-lighted totem welcomes the visitors at the entrance to the car park and stickers have been installed on the windows, doors and on the facade.

Point Vert stores have been the benchmark garden center in French-speaking Switzerland since 1982. Gardening items, decoration, flowers, seedlings, trees and shrubs for indoors and outdoors.

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Stores before / after

Conthey store (Valais)
Cantonal Road 21,
1964 Conthey


Uvrier’s store (Valais)
Route d’Italie 119,
1958 Uvrier


Moudon store (Vaud)
Chemin du Grand-Pre 4C,
1510 Moudon


Project management was carried out from start to finish within the agreed timeframe.
The quality of the sign is top and the rendering is up to our expectations.
A professional and customer-oriented company. Nothing to complain about the quality work.
Thank you.


Gabriel Blanchard

Swisstech Concept Sàrl

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