Lightmaker is a team of 30 people who look signs a bit different way than other people. Signage is everywhere around us and helps us in our daily lives. We like to think that signs should be and could be well designed, part of architecture that serve the purpose and also make our environment better place to be.

Company was founded in 2014 when two mechanical engineers worked in one of the biggest signage factory in northern Europe. Shortcomings in customer service and strong desire to design more efficient quality solutions and solve production situations in more clever way drove those two young men to form a new company on their own. From that day the main focus has been continuous development in high quality solutions and customer service. Today Lightmaker is a team of designers, engineers, customer service enthusiast, sign production masters and many more people of different profession to serve the goal – to help others be visible in high quality way. We tell stories about brand, help people find a way and make our environment a better place to be.

2014 Company was founded by two mechanical engineers

2016 First entry to Scandinavian markets as production partner in different signage solutions

2018 Developing to one of top players beside older companies in home market as end customer signage and wayfinding solutions provider

2020 In house design team to work in with solutions side by side with architects and designers providing solutions to new buildings, known brands and public places