About us


Lightmaker is an Estonian company, which was created in the beginning of 2015. Behind Lightmaker stand two engineers who both have long working experiences in Estonias biggest sign manufacturing company. We have started to manufacture signs on our own to eliminate most common problems in this field and increase the quality of the product and customer service. Our promise is that production of the signs will be quickly and accurately solved for the customers who have trusted us and they do not have to spend extra time on that subject. Our production is in the countryside of Estonia and thus we have low production cost and we are very competitive with our prices. We make best quality signs in Estonia.

Tambet Tamme

I have worked in sign making business more than 5 years and most of the time of that in Estonias biggest sign-making factory. I have had many different jobs starting from assambling signs to customer relations and consulting about right solutions. I have graduated Tallinn Technical University as mechanical engineer. First of all I want to help people find the best solutions according to their needs and make products that I and the customer can be proud of. I am an admirer of good service and think that listening to others and keeping promises is most important thing in business.

Mihkel Joost

I have worked in sign making business over three years and before that as mechanical engineer in machine building industries. I have graduated Tallinn Technical University as mechanical engineer and now study design in Estonian Academy of Arts. My previous work experience has helped my to set my own standards in product quality and customer service which I am determined to offer. I wish to differ from other companies in my field in better quality of service and pleasent experience in general. My wish is to open up the field of illuminated signs and offer wider range of different solutions.

Our team