New way of designing light signs thanks to new manufacturing techniques

For years, illuminated signs were lit exclusively with high-voltage neon lights, which consume a lot of energy and are very fragile, the tubes being made of blown glass.

In the early 90s, the appearance of LED lighting in signs changed the game. The lifespan of signs and their lighting has increased and new design and material possibilities have emerged.

Until recently, the fabrications and design remained very classic, in most cases light boxes and cut-out letters.

Today, manufacturing techniques, the quality of materials and new design trends give free rein to the imagination.More and more, we see signs with creative design and lighting replacing existing signs with a classic appearance.

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I'm very happy, everything was perfect. This is all new to me, you have helped me a lot.
I appreciated being accompanied from start to finish.
I found you on the internet. I had asked for several offers, you were the most responsive and the most involved from the start.
I haven't really compared the prices. I'm super happy with the result.
You will also thank the installer for the installation. Everything was perfect.


Filly Diallo


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